Saturday, December 13, 2008

Year 9 German Trip to the Christmas Markets

On the 6th December, 44 year 9 students got on a coach destined for Germany. We were all really excited and after not long in the coach we had reached the Channel Tunnel. It was really fun and we took lots of photos! Frau Kommer was trying to guess our middle names but we had to give her some clues! It took half an hour in the tunnel and soon we had arrived in France. We continued to travel for the rest of the day going through Belgium before arriving at our hotel in Germany. There were so many Christmas lights and lots of castles. We had some noodle soup for a started and then moved onto our main course and pudding. Then we went to bed because we were all quite tired and we had a packed week ahead of us.

The next day we got up and had breakfast before doing some work in our books. We left for Rudesheim Christmas Markets and as soon as we got there we went on the cable car in groups of four. I went with Frau Kommer, Herr Leppard and my best friend Jemma. It was really funny because Frau was really scared and Herr was pretending that we were going to break down! She was really scared – her face told it all!
Then when everyone had got off the cable car at the top of the hill, we visited a big monument where everyone took lots of group photos. Once we had finished admiring the statue we continued to walk back down the hill to the Christmas Markets. They looked stunning as there were loads of decorations everywhere and everyone was in a festive mood. There were all sorts of stalls and nearly everyone tried the chocolate covered fruit that was on offer! There were other stalls as well selling jewellery, candles, meat, sweets, biscuits and as many different types of sausage you could ever imagine! We drove back to the hotel and had dinner. We had to have our lights off quite quickly as we had to leave early the next day to get to Cologne in time!

On Monday, when we were climbing the cathedral, we didn't realise quite how high it was! We walked up the first part which was mostly big spiral staircases but then when we got to the place where the bells were they rung when we least expected it! Everyone jumped because it was so loud! Then we went up some even more spiral staircases but some of these were only just wide enough to walk up! We then reached a big room where there was a big flight of metal stairs going straight up the middle. Some people didn't want to go up but the view from the top was amazing! You could see everything for miles around. Once we had finished taking lots of photos, we descended the 509 steps back to solid ground where we quickly ate our packed lunch. We were still shaking – partly because we had just been a good 140m above the ground and also because it was quite cold!
Then, we walked to the Lindt Chocolate Museum and met our guide for our tour. We saw how the cocoa beans were grown and harvested and then separated into their different parts. We even got to try one of the edible parts – it smelt nice but tasted of nothing! Then we continued our tour to the chocolate fountain where we were given a wafer coated in liquid chocolate. It was lush! Our tour ended but we were allowed to look around the other exhibitions and then in the shop! There was chocolate in all varieties – even Pick 'n' Mix mini bars and truffles!
When everyone had finished buying tonnes of chocolate we walked towards the outdoor ice skating rink! It was also beginning to get dark and there were massive Christmas trees everywhere! We put on our ice skates and stepped out onto the ice. It took some getting use to (I hadn't been in ages!) but by the end I was quite good! I didn't fall over once! When our hour and a half was up we returned the skates and were allowed to walk around the rest of the markets. They even had chocolate covered chilli peppers which everyone dared Herr Price to eat. He ate it but he said part of the deal was to buy him a bottle of water for after! Everyone gave 10 cents so his mouth wasn't on fire for the 2 hour journey back to the hotel.

The next day we had to get up early yet again as we had to leave quickly to get to Marksburg Castle in time for our tour. It was really good except when we the saw the old toilet which was literally a balcony with a seat with a hole in! Then we travelled to Koblenz for the town quiz. We had to navigate our way round the town and answer questions and buy stuff to get points. We soon got very cold so we went back to the Christmas markets where we bought some food with our spare town quiz money. Then we went back to the hotel for an excellent meal of burgers and chips with yummy ice creams for pudding. Everyone was in a good mood so a lot of us stayed up longer than we should of done (after we had finished packing, of course)!

On our last day we were all very tired but after we had eaten breakfast the teachers presented the prizes for the tidiest bedrooms, the best diary entries or for being the best in your group! Jemma and I won the tidiest bedroom prize and I won the Best in Group prize for speaking the most German! Then, I had to present the cards that everyone had signed, along with some chocolates to the teachers. The journey home was quite long but everyone was too excited to notice how quick the time had gone! I thought that the trip was WUNDERBAR!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Katie's Kards

I have recently set up another blog so that I can put pictures of the cards I have made on it. There is a link on the side of this page. It also has loads of good crafty sites so please do have a look! I am thinking about starting to sell them soon but I really want to know how many people like them. Please leave a comment.


My Christmas List 2007

Here are some of the things I want for Christmas! The cage things are for our hamster, but everything else is for me!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Birthday!

It was my birthday on the 9th July and I got loads of presents! Here are a few...

I haven't played on this game much but it is very good. Basically if anyone has Sim City 2000, 3000 or 4000 it is a bit like that.

This game is really good and I have wanted it for ages! If you saw my Christmas list you would have seen it was on there. It is definitely worth getting if you have a Nintendo DS.

These are thin cuts and if you read my Christmas list (from last year) it will explain what they do better. I haven't used either of them yet although I am looking forward to!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Just to say to everyone who looks at my blog, I hope you have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's just sad that it's nearly the end of the Christmas holidays! Oh well. Bye!

Made up words

When I went to my Auntie's house over Christmas my brother got really bored so him and my dad went to the kitchen and started to make up words with the magnetic letters on the fridge. I went to join in and this is what we came up with:
Toogle: A piece of grass that can go mouldy.
Pawjox: Another word for a game console.
Mullock: Wine and beer mixed together.
Yodge: Door stopper.
Strone: A really powerful light bulb.
Mutirox: A brand name for medicine that is radium tetroxide suspension.
Riton: A rhino that lost its horn in battle.
Yobilocta: A farewell or benediction.
Jonoxen: A super heated gas oven.
Tidocalm: A really still pond.
Dikod: Two manuscripts of the same decimal.
Yokent: The property of being joined together.
Tenoyon: A one person paddling boat.
Kadom: A large amount of food.
Clodent: Hung up.
Voke: To call out when not meant to.
Magby: A Millenium calender.
Gamrod: A stick for clearing blockages.
Kontoc: A silent clock.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Doctor Who Advent Quiz

Q1: Which Captain did Rose and the Doctor meet in World War 2?
Captain John, Captain Jack or Captain Harkness?

Q2: Which city did Margaret Slitheen plan to destroy using a nuclear reactor?
Cardiff, Birmingham or London?

Q3: Which alien race took part in the Christmas Invasion?
Slitheen, Sycorax or Autons?

Q4: Which silver creatures were originally human but replaced their bodies with machinery?
Daleks, Cyberman or Robot Spiders?

Q5: Which small blue alien was a guest at the End of the World?
Jabe, Cassandra or the Moxx of Ballhoon?

Q6: On which planet do dogs have no noses?
Raxacoricofallapotorius, Barcelona or Clom?

Q7: What is Rose's surname?
Harkness, Tyler or Smith?

Q8: What is the name of Rose's boyfriend?
Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler or Micky Smith?

Q9:Which creature controlled the shop window dummies that tried to conquer the Earth?
Nestene Consciousness, Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe or Emperor

Q10: What happened to the Doctor when he absorbed the Time Vortex?
He got knocked out, he flew away or he regenerated?

Q11: What was the name of the robot dog that used to travel with the Doctor?
K9, Rusty or Dash?

Q12: Which famous author did the Doctor and Rose meet in Cardiff 1869?
Charles Dickens, Beatrix Potter or Russel T. Davies?

Q13: Which century is Captain Jack from?
20th century, 21st century or 51st century?

Q14: What is the name of the device that allows the TARDIS to look like a Police Box?
Chameleon Curcuit, Emotional Inhibitor or Bad Wolf Industries?

Q15: What is the name of Rose's father?
Pete Tyler, Jack Tyler or Jack Harkness?

Q16: What race does the Doctor belong to?
Human, Time Lord or Gelth Confederation?

Q17: What does TARDIS stand for?
Time After Relatives Die in Stations, Try And Revise Dead in Streets or Time And Relative
Dimensions In Space?

Q18: Who is the last survivor of the Human Race?
Rose Tyler, Cassandra O'Brien or Chip?

Q19: What message did Rose send throughout time?
Torchwood, Bad Wolf or Satellite 5?

Q20: What did the Editor call the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe?
Max, Freddie or Jagra?

Q21: Which evil creatures fought against the Time Lords in the Time War?
Daleks, Cybermen or Pilotfish?

Q22: Where do the Slitheen come from?
Clom, Raxacoricofallapotorius or Skaro?

Q23: What is the name of Rose's mother?
Jackie Tyler, Claire Smith or Jackie Harkness?

Q24: Who became Prime Minister after helping to defeat the Slitheen invasion?
Cassandra O'Brien, Rose Tyler or Harriet Jones?

PS I got these questions from my brother's Doctor Who Advent Calendar

Friday, December 22, 2006

Three Jokes I made up

Q: What do you get if you cross a slow animal and a film?
A: Monty Python and the Holy Snail!

Q: What do you call a group of Hungry Superheroes?
A: The Infedables!

Q: What do you get if you cross a Disney Classic and a large amount of food?
A: Beauty and the Feast!

Something amusing

Recently, my brother and sister were playing on the PS2. They were playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 which is not very nice game to play when you accidently kill your younger siblings. Anyway, my sister being five had little experience of how to play in a way that would actually allow you to win, shouted "I killed two people!". After they had completed that round I asked her if she did well. She said, "I did kill two people, but they were on our team!"

What I want for Christmas

This is a Tag-a-Long. You buy something called a Thin Cut and it has a metal blade covered with foam. When you turn the handle when the Thin Cut and paper are inside it presses down on the blade making it cut into the paper.

This is the bag for the Tag-a-Long.

Sims 2 Pets on Nintendo DS. I have Sims 2 on the Computer and with pets would be the best!

This is Animal Crossing Wild World. My friend has it and it is really good.

These books are by Jacqueline Wilson and I nearly have her whole collection.