Monday, January 01, 2007

Made up words

When I went to my Auntie's house over Christmas my brother got really bored so him and my dad went to the kitchen and started to make up words with the magnetic letters on the fridge. I went to join in and this is what we came up with:
Toogle: A piece of grass that can go mouldy.
Pawjox: Another word for a game console.
Mullock: Wine and beer mixed together.
Yodge: Door stopper.
Strone: A really powerful light bulb.
Mutirox: A brand name for medicine that is radium tetroxide suspension.
Riton: A rhino that lost its horn in battle.
Yobilocta: A farewell or benediction.
Jonoxen: A super heated gas oven.
Tidocalm: A really still pond.
Dikod: Two manuscripts of the same decimal.
Yokent: The property of being joined together.
Tenoyon: A one person paddling boat.
Kadom: A large amount of food.
Clodent: Hung up.
Voke: To call out when not meant to.
Magby: A Millenium calender.
Gamrod: A stick for clearing blockages.
Kontoc: A silent clock.

1 comment:

mamaluke said...

Fabulous, I love them, thy should be added to the Oxford English dictionary straight away!